NYE @ eye level

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This year, Kelly and I spent New Year’s Eve at home in KL, just for something different. I’m sure many of you would agree NYE is generally overrated. No one wants to commit to a particular party until the day New Year’s Eve eve, and people often end up trying to make appearances at several parties around town. This has always annoyed me; I’ve only ever wanted to celebrate NYE with close friends, not a shitload of strangers.

This year, we celebrated in a different country (sorry close friends). Jess and Ben were passing through town at the right time so we made a special effort to impress them. I’m happy to report we blew their, and our, flipping minds!

We reserved a table at SkyBar, 33rd floor of Traders Hotel opposite the Petronas twin towers, and overlooking the park. It’s an amazing view on any day, but NYE is special because they launch the fireworks right from the park, and they explode not 50 metres from your eyeballs!

Here’s the video. Load it up at high res, turn your speakers on, and watch it fullscreen. Seriously, just wait for it to load, it’s worth it.

Disclaimer: I was a bit excited and Grey Goosed-up, so I let rip a few expletives. I know, I know, angels die every time I swear. I think my headache and general lack of wellbeing the next morning more than made up for the tiny pile of angel carcasses.

Minds. Blown.

As part of the reservation deal, we got four seats at the window (which was open!), three bottles of Dom Pérignon 2002 vintage champagne (the champagne was wasted on me, but the bottle of Grey Goose vodka we bought certainly wasn’t) and a six-course tasting menu. Also, our area was sectioned off so no one could rush the windows at showtime! This all came at a cost — about $250 per head (four of us) — but it was well worth it.

We’ll be back again next year, and I suggest you do the same.

  • Aga
    Aga Aga

    Aaaaaah-faaaarking-mazing!!!!!! Thank you for sharing Bart! Sounds like a brill nite :-) Happy New Year to you & Kelly XO

  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle

    Yeh, at 6min 20seconds! How close did that little comet get?


    I spent a bit of time yesterday watching youtube.com versions of KL’s fireworks (thinking of you and Kelly) and was disappointed in the videos I found. Started to wonder why we bother with fireworks, they’re so ‘been there done that’ then you put me right back on track.


  • McGauz
    McGauz McGauz

    dude… sick. I’ll be there next year ;)

  • Nic
    Nic Nic

    Ken-awesome! Loved it! Happy New Year to you both!

  • Claire
    Claire Claire

    Wow – that’s impressive! We had fireworks in Cambodia too…. needless to say they didn’t compare to this! Wow! Happy New Year Bart!