The basics

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I’ve been reading the blog of Jay Parkinson, a doctor, entrepreneur, and photographer from New York. (I’ve been following his photography for years now, although he doesn’t shoot as much as he used to, which is a shame; I guess he’s doing more important things with his time.)

His view on health is about prevention rather than cure. He strongly and vocally opposes the health system in the US, stating (in my nutshell) the current system benefits the big pharmaceutical companies; not the public. My gut tells me he is correct.

Here’s a succinct but poignant blog post titled The basics. Read it, it’ll only take 30 seconds. I’ll wait…

*twiddle thumbs*

Like it? If so, have a read of this slightly longer piece on

Also, for McGauz (‘cos I’m not on Facebook), here’s Jay’s official stance on vaccines.