A call to all men

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I believe when at a public urinal, all men should pee loudly.


Peeing loudly helps me (and others I’m sure) overcome the uncanny, subconscious, and uncontrollable anxiety that my pee obviously feels when it refuses to come out when other men are standing next to me. I think it’s the silence.

You and I are in the public bathroom at the same time, and we’re there for the same reason. No need to be embarrassed about noise. If pee refusal does not affect you, then others peeing loudly will have no ill-effect, but for those that suffer, it seems to be a great help. This covers all men, therefore all men should pee loudly when at a public urinal when other men are also at their urinal. Consider it a public service.

That is all. Thank you.

I’m not weird.
But I am serious.