On the hand

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Recently, our good friend Milia[1. Aka Xystros the Cypriat.] casually told Kelly and I that we were “on the hand”. So casually did she say this in fact, that she continued to talk about other things as if nothing out of the ordinary had been said. However, I cannot let a new phrase slide, especially when it sounds like it’s a bad thing (on the hand = under the thumb?)

MIlia explained: throughout life, you only meet a small number of couples who are the real deal. These couples are so few in number you can count them on one hand, hence, “on the hand”. If someone says you’re “on the hand”, it’s a good thing.

Agreed. And I think it’s a lovely way to describe …that. It doesn’t hurt when someone you’re known for only six months places you and your wife on their hand. Not one bit.

  • Maa
    Maa Maa

    I also think that you and Kelly are the “perfect mach”. Happy anniversary kids!