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A little while ago I designed an icon for a Safari web browser extension called GmailCounter. After a bunch of hiccups Elia (the developer) had the latest version of GmailCounter approved by Apple. Which is cool. The best part though, is they’ve now updated the Safari extensions webpage to include my icon!

Exciting, no? A small achievement :)

Another small achievement I keep forgetting about is having two black and white photographs I shot, developed and printed hung in the National Gallery of Victoria, back around ’97/’98. I’ve tried to find ‘proof’ of this, but I haven’t been able to. You’ll just need to take my word on it :)

But yeah, my work on Cool.
You can hire me for design work now that I’m obviously famous :P

  • Goog
    Goog Goog

    Hey bro! That’s exciting stuff! Congrats.

    Question: which two prints were hung in the gallery? I don’t remember. Are they still there? :-O

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    You remember the black & white photos of the tattoos? One was of a dude with full sleeve celtic tattoos and I shot him on the lather chair in his business shirt. The second was of a girls tattoo on her lower back above her arse. She was sitting down with jeans and I shot the tattoo showing above the top of her jeans.