Salads and Javascript

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Never thought I’d see those two words together. To save posting two tiny tidbits in one day, I’m combining them to see what happens when you mix words about salads, and words about Javascript.


Last week we had three of Kelly’s workmates around for dinner; two visiting Thais and a Malaysian. Everyone was excited to have “Australian” cuisine[1. Bwahahahahaha!] which meant only one thing: BBQ! Along with some steaks, hamburgers, lemon-herb chicken breasts, and Kransky (which the Malaysian could not eat), Kelly and I smashed out three of the best BBQ salads we’d every made! We stood back in awe as they were sitting next to each other waiting to be served. They were the holy trinity of BBQ salads: coleslaw, potato salad, and Greek salad, and they were perfect.


In the last couple of days I’ve been trying to get my feet wet in the web development pond. HTML, CSS(3), and Javascript. It’s no picnic in the park. I’m getting the hang of CSS now I think, but Javascript? Gimme a break!

I’m about ½ way to achieving what I want after much frustration, a large chunk of which was WordPress adding < p> all over the place (fixed that issue with the RAW HTML plugin). My aim is to add some simple animations and randomness to my about page:

  1. Have a random greeting appear upon page refresh ✓
  2. Have it as text, not images ✓
  3. Style it with webfonts (to match the site headings) ✓
  4. Rotate it so it matches the vision in my head ✓
  5. (Possibly) add a little curved talking line ✓
  6. Have it appear a couple seconds after the page has loaded
  7. Have it fade in from transparent
  8. Have it slide in a little from right to left

That’s my goal. I’m getting there.


I don’t think I’ll be mixing completely separate ideas into a single post again.

  • Maa
    Maa Maa

    Can’t say much about Java, bit salads look very appetising!