A car full of …cars?

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If you were a taxi driver in KL, and you wanted to make your taxi stand out — y’know, to attract business — what would you do? I’d probably give the car a good scrub, and use some nice air freshener. in fact, I’d go out of my way to get a unique air freshener so my customers would have fond memories of riding in my cab.

Well, that’s not the approach this taxi driver took. Instead of a clean and unique smelling car, this taxi driver thought it’d be best to superglue more than 750 toy cars to his… car. 750+! Superglued!

On the outside, and inside; on the steering wheel (not big on safety in KL) and the dashboard, and the ceiling! The ceiling! Which isn’t that surprising when you think about it — the ceiling is prime real estate for toy cars in a taxi; one square meter of previously untapped toy car glueing paradise.

The driver (whom I completely forgot to take a photograph of) claims he must cover his taxi when at home to prevent thieves and vandal attacks.

The whole thing, while impressive, makes me feel a bit icky. Can you imagine trying to clean that taxi? Neither can I. Hopefully the driver has more optimism than you and I.

Kinda cool though.