Cover: Canon 50mm ƒ1.2L USM

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Today I purchased a 50mm ƒ1.2 lens for my 5D mkII. Took it for a quick spin (incidentally trailing GeoLogTag iPhone app to add geo-locationa data to my images). I’m happy with the feel and performance of the lens so far. I still need to micro adjust the lens to my camera at probably 1.4 aperture. I’m less happy with the performance of GeoLogTag tagging my images when they’ve been imported by Photo Mechanic; ~2hrs for 96 images vs 30 seconds when imported with Image Capture. I’ve sent a support email to the developer to see if there’s anything that can be done.

Anyways… yay for getting a new L lens. I think “L” stands for “L’expensive” :(