KL Towers Vertorama

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KL Towers

Here’s a picture of the KL Towers at night, when they really shine (bing!). You’ve probably seen them before, and in better pictures than this, but I wanted to show everyone this image because it’s taken from a tourist’s point of view. Yours.

When you come and stay with us we can personally guarantee this view in all its awesomeness. In fact, I have the feeling that it’ll be even better in person. There are other views too, which are better than this one, and better in person than the previous in-person view. Seriously.

The KL Twin Towers are impressive even during the day. The finishing on the outside must’ve been carefully considered. The outer structure of the towers isn’t made up of smoothly curved panels, but of many flat panels, giving a faceted finish. Each panel has several horizontal features that when lined up perfectly it gives the appearance of hundreds or cross-section slices. It’s pretty incredible to see up close. Even after daily viewing for more than a year.

Come and see for yourself.

(click the image for a larger view)

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