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You may have noticed the top part of my website changes from time to time. I call this ‘feature’ Covers. While most websites have the same header, most likely for branding (recognition) purposes, I have no such agenda. I’m not a multi-national corporation, nor am I a mildly influential weblog. So I can do whatever I like (provided Kirk can code it [or I can give it a crack myself]). Instead I’ve opted for a magazine-style concept of changing the cover image when it suits me. I like this for three reasons:

  • It keeps the site looking fresh, and hopefully provides some delight every once in a while.
  • Most of the time it represents something happening in my life. For instance, the current skipping girl cover represents my trip to Melbourne in a week or so.
  • It gives me delight to be able to create something new every few weeks. I have the shortest of short attention spans.

To date, I’ve made 27 covers for the site. All of them can be seen in the convenient cover archive (a permanent link can be found under the page icon at the bottom of the site).

Recently, I’ve been writing short descriptions about each cover and what it means or represents. I’ve elected to keep these off the home page, but you can either do a search for “cover:” with the search at the bottom of the site, or if you’re hardcore enough, you can subscribe to my RSS feed where the cover posts appear along with the regular ones.