Everything will be ok

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Have a read of this short NY Times article about good and bad things to do when someone is sick. I found it absolutely made sense to me. After reading it I feel it can apply not only to physical illness, but mental as well. It’s inspirational. Or maybe it’s just common sense (which is why I find it inspirational)?

Have a read. It’s good.

Also, I’ve read a bunch of NY Times articles recently linked to from various bloggers, and I love the design/concept of the suggested article link that appears when you get to the bottom of the article you’re reading. It slides in from the right, and (so far) has great recommendations for further and/or related articles.

This design is far better than a static list of “you might like these articles” links at the bottom of the text. Firstly, it gets your attention because it swipes in. Not in a garish way, just a simple box that moves in from the right. It’s not easily overlooked as a list of links can be. Secondly, it feels useful, because it comes in when you get to the bottom of your reading. It’s a little nudge to say “check this out, I think you’ll really dig it”. Thirdly, it feels thoughtful, because it only offers one article to read. This it appears curated just for me, as opposed to being an algorithmic list of links spat out and pasted to the bottom of my article.

If feels like I’m interacting with a person, rather than a machine.

Have a look, it’s good.