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ICS5 Icons

Details about iOS 5 were announced at WWDC last week. To celebrate, I’ve created a set of icons combining Adobe CS5 and iOS 5, and called it iCS5. Click the above image for a preview and full Application list.

Basically, it’s the icons from Adobe’s CS5 Master Collection (plus a few extras) redrawn in a deliciously lickable and touchy Apple iOS style.

21 icons in total.
And you can have ’em for nothin’.


I don’t actually own the Master Collection, so the apps I’ve icon-ed are taken from the list on Adobe’s website. I know the Adobe CS installers are pretty, err, bad, so I expect there are applications installed that are not listed on Adobe’s website. If this is the case, please let me know in the comments and I’ll make those icons and add them to the download.

Download the files

Free to use and distribute however you wish; just please don’t resell them or claim them as your own work. Enjoy!

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