iCloud, iOS 5, Lion, and the simple life

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I pretty much watched the whole WWDC keynote by Apple the other day. I skipped most of the demos because I understood what they were about to show (and the full keynote went for almost two hours). Overall, it was pretty impressive. The vision is grand. As Gruber put it (about something else Apple-related): “Make no little plans“. Apple certainly have not made little plans for the way we’ll be working on our Macs, and no doubt, on all computing devices in the near future.

However, watching the keynote gave me a weird feeling. Nothing foreboding, just a slight inkling towards living a simpler life. Granted, this iCloud stuff is supposed to make things simpler — the idea that you leave the document you’re working on, turn on your iPad/MacBook/iPhone and keep working on that document right where you left off, without finding the file, or opening, or saving, or anything, is great. I guess it’s just the concept of everything being everywhere that’s not sitting with me too well. Where’s the separation between work and play? I want that separation[1. I know you can control what gets synced pushed to where, but more controls and preferences doesn’t make things simpler.].

I like the idea that I have a computer for work and a computer for play. My iPhone is essentially a third computer that fits into my pocket, but I see it as separate from my work/play ecosystem; it runs different apps and as such I use it differently. It’s more a tool for when I’m out and about; a swiss-army-phone if you will. I can google things, check movie times, convert currencies, take photos, capture moments, etc, and tweet. It’s there in case I need it.

But I’ve been contemplating the removal of Twitter from my life recently too, the way Facebook was removed, and the way Foursquare was removed. I haven’t missed Facebook or Foursquare that much, and I know I’ve been using Twitter less and less, mostly because I’m a bit busy at the moment. I get the feeling many of my friends are using Twitter less and less, which makes Twitter less appealing for me. Maybe not, I’m not sure.

I guess all the software upgrades to all my computers all the time might be starting to take its toll. A work computer is just for work, a play computer is just for play, and a pocket computer is just in case. I hope to leave it at that.