Icon: Bump.app

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Icon designs for Bump.app.

I approached Bump Technologies to design an icon for their excellent mobile app Bump. I approached them because I thought the current icon wasn’t doing the app justice in terms of design and execution. I thought it looked unfinished, degrading the perceived quality of the app itself. After tweeting an offer to present some sketches, we began a dialogue culminating in three icon designs.

The current bump icon is a literal representation of how bump works. My concepts focus on what bump does: exchanges information (contacts, photos etc) from one device to another. This approach is visually simpler — a good trait for an icon being displayed at small sizes.

When launched, the bump app itself displays a quick animation explaining the bump action and concept, so this description is not needed in the icon design.

The concepts were presented with positive feedback, but were ultimately put on hold due to the Bump team embarking on some wholesale visual changes for the app. My icons (I was told) would be brought back into focus when the time was right.

Whether or not this will happen is out of my control, but it was a great little project for a great client.