Things: IKEA food packet clippy things

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On Things, I usually talk about things I own and love that are kind of expensive, the message being it’s often better to spend a bit more and get great quality, or finishing, or craftsmanship. But not today. Today I talk about something I love that’s cheap and mass-produced, but still awesome: the IKEA food packet clippy things.


I hate IKEA. Well, not really IKEA itself, but going to IKEA. Many of their products are useful, inexpensive, and good, but when I go it’s often the same stuff. And it’s too big a store (with too many childerbeasts running around) to travel to get something small like a stack of serviettes or a clotheshorse.


The IKEA food packet clippy things are something I would travel to IKEA to solely purchase. There’s not a week that goes by when I don’t feel grateful for them since we picked them up over a year ago. That’s at least 52 times I’ve smiled and though “sure glad I have these”.

They are simple and dirt cheap, yes, but they are insanely handy. They’re 100% utilitarian — my ideal — with a teeny bit of decoration by way of colours. The best of both worlds. And the colours are a good balance between trendy, retro, and tacky.


In the olden days — quite literally 12 months ago — I used to reseal open packets with rubber bands (not good for freezing), bulldog clips (small clip area), rolling or folding the packet and resting on the roll or fold so it doesn’t unroll or unfold (difficult to relocate the item), paper-covered twisty wire (not very reusable and increasingly hard to find), and leaving the packet open in frustration or defeat (all kinds of wrong). The IKEA food packet clippy things fix all these issues: freezable, varying clips sizes, clipped items are easily relocated, reusable and plentiful, and all kinds of right. They are airtight, watertight[1. Probably — I haven’t tested for watertightness], easy to use, and look great.


Get some when you’re next at IKEA, or go solely to pick some up.
Get a couple packs even, you won’t regret it.

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    And your pantry look “happy” and colourful!