Unknown waters

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Sometime in the next few days or week, I’ll be changing my website hosting over from MediaTemple to DreamHost. So, the site might go down for a bit, or it might not. It could go down for a while. Who knows? I certainly don’t — changing over a full WordPress site is not my forte. Either is exporting and reinstalling MySQL databases, or editing wp-config.php files.

The reason for the move is simply a financial one. I signed up for a special gift card for a year’s worth of MediaTemple hosting for about $100, but the current price for the standard hosting is $20 per month. MediaTemple have kindly offered me a 20% discount on hosting, but that still comes to just shy of $200 per year.

Dreamhost offers $10 per month hosting, and has been recommended to me by two nerdy friends. However this is to be balanced by bad experiences of another trustworthy nerd friend. Maybe it’ll be a “you get what you pay for” situation. The user interface and design of each company’s sites reflects this for sure, so who knows.

Anyway, hopefully everything will migrate across smoothly.
And if it doesn’t I apologise in advance. I’ll be doing my utmost to get everything back up and running ASAP.

Wish me luck.

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