A rad day (in ten acts)

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Unimaginative titles aside, today was a rad day (Sunday 17th July 2011); one of the best — if not the best — in recent memory.

Act I

Brekkie+ with my inner nerd circle. According to Michelle Brekkie+ is:

…not unlike an eDinner but for the time of day and the medium [Google+ Hangout instead of Skype].

The five of us sat down and hungout via the intertubes from Kuala Lumpur to Green Gully, sharing a delightful brekkie+ of Kelly beans. We chewed the fat for a bit, but no-one outstayed their welcome. It was rad.

Act II

After brekkie+ Kelly and I sat down to co-build some Lego. It’s a new set I received via mail a few weeks ago — 10188 Lego Death Star — and with plenty of wine and trash on the telly, we’d begun work on it together a week ago. This morning, we completed the middle floor section. It was rad.


Once 10:45am rolled around we met up with mates TJ and Anna for a couple hours of tennis. We’ve just started playing again (we used to dabble in tennis back in Oz) and TJ and Anna were the catalysts for our re-dabbling.

On the short drive to the courts we remarked at how beautiful a day was: clear blue skies, a slight breeze, and lack of humidity; the latter allowing us to play longer than we have before by not sapping so much energy. I even got a bit sunburnt. It was rad.

Act IV

Anna won the cow game on the way back home. Seeing as Anna won, it meant I lost, however it’s not as bad as it sounds:

  1. There’s a cow which hangs around KL city (!), and
  2. It was Anna’s first cow game win, and it’s hard to feel bad about someone’s cow game cherry being popped, especially when she was super-excited!

So, despite the loss, it was still rad.

Act V

1pm. After cool showers I was back at the table working on Lego. Kelly was working on work stuff for work, so we put iTunes on, fired up our awesome ‘Europa’ playlist and got to …work. This session lasted a good few hours, and I got much done on the Lego model. It was pretty rad.

Act VI

After I’d completed most of the Death Star’s third level, I decided to go out and christen the ghetto basketball court which can be seen from out balcony (and which I spotted in the first week in our KL apartment). It only took 15 months or so to check it out, but today — being so rad — was the day.

I christened my spankin’ new wolf grey Jordan 5s too. And they were rad.


Ay sweaty return form the basketball courts and another cool shower later, I decided to finish the Death Star (or at least to start to finish it, if you know what I mean). I built most of the upper level, the Tie Fighter Advanced, and the Turbo lasers. It was rad.


Dinner at Ben’s in KLCC, with the Cypriot. I had a berry lemonade (with crushed berries at the bottom!), fish and chips, and a macadamia ice-cream sundae with bits of baked cheesecake and toffee sauce. All three were rad, as was the company. The total cost of meals, non-alcoholic drinks, and desserts for three people? Less than AU$50. Rad.

Act IX

Came home pretty tired, but managed to complete the turbo laser turrets on the Death Star, and avoid a scare where I thought I’d used the wrong pieces somewhere waaaaaay back in the build. Turns out I didn’t. Rad. Also, I have a little bit more to go to completely finish the model, which I’ll tackle tomorrow. Having this to look forward too is very rad.

Act X

In bed, reading about how rad other rad people’s days were. Started and finished this blog post about how rad today was, which is rad.

Act XI (bonus free act)

I haven’t checked this post for spelling or grammar errors. And, I don’t care.


  • Michelle
    Michelle Michelle


    I’m at work missing my Sunday. Livin’ in the recent past is something that Mondays are good for.

    Good Sunday, people. Good Sunday.