Childhood food series #2: Chips & eggs

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In the second instalment of the childhood food series, we have chips & eggs, care of Xystros the Cypriot, but really care of The Cypriot’s Mum & Dad. If you haven’t seen the first in the series, I reckon you should have a read to get some background info. (Also, the photos above are of a recreated chips & eggs. The original photos were taken on my iPhone ‘cos I forgot to bring my camera along to dinner. The photos of the original dinner can be seen here, here, and here.)

What’s interesting about the series so far, is that as we organise the dinners, as we sit down to eat them, and especially as they are being served, there are apologies flying left, right and centre: “Sorry, don’t get too excited, it’s only eggs on toast”, or, “I told you, I told you, it’s just chips & eggs”. I guess we’re at that age when you invite someone over for a dinner party dinner, you expect to provide them with something worth your 30+ years of learning and being on planet Earth.

Well, the childhood food series is not about that. It is about glimpsing into the host’s childhood and family history. As you sit and eat, anecdotes and banter about growing up and eating the dinner of interest are shared. I think this is largely what Michael Pollan is on about.

Chips & eggs

Righto, let’s get stuck in. Chips & eggs consists of potato, egg, Greek yoghurt, some oil (preferably grapeseed or vegetable oil for its high boiling/burning point), and a frypan. The method goes something like this:

  1. Heat some oil in your frypan
  2. Peel the potatoes and cut into small discs or sections (chips), between the sizes of an Aussie 50c coin and the typical slice of lemon you’d put in a G&T
  3. Throw the chips into the frypan to begin cooking. You don’t boil the potatoes!
  4. Crack a few eggs into a bowl or cup and roughly mix/whisk so the yolks are broken and spread through the whites
  5. When your chips are nicely fried and golden brown, turn the heat down a little and throw your eggs in
  6. Fold the eggs into the chips, trying to break as few of the chips as possible. Do this until the eggs are cooked but still slightly viscous (they’ll finish cooking after they’ve left the frypan)
  7. Throw the whole lot into a serving bowl with a large spoon or serving tongs, and grab your tub of Greek yoghurt from the fridge
  8. Place everything onto the table with some salt and pepper
  9. Serve to your guests (or they can help themselves) and place a large spoonful of yoghurt to the side of the chips & eggs (or on top for the advanced chips & eggs eater)
  10. Enjoy!

What chips & eggs is: tasty, warm, familiar, comfort food.
What it isn’t: good for dieting.

Thanks go out to The Cypriot for putting on an exquisitely simple and delicious meal. Once we’re thin enough, we’ll add it to our repertoire.

Coming up

Stay tuned for the next issue, where we’ll be smashing the Dietrichs’ mock fish! Wow!