Elbow in Hong Kong

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Elbow in Hong Kong were1 awesome2 and I’m envious of folks back home who’ll be seeing them this week.

I’ll be writing about the gig (and Hong Kong) in more detail this week hopefully, but for now I wanted to get aforementioned folks excited about the gig with a pic I snapped but couldn’t upload to Twitter for lack of data connection.

Also, see the setlist.

  1. When referring to a band, do you use ‘were’ as in plural, as in a bunch of dudes: “Elbow were awesome”, or do you use ‘was’ as in singular, as in a band: “Elbow was awesome”?
  2. They were awesome, except for the fake encore. I thought one of the better bands of today would be immune to the fake encore affliction that has spread over the last decade. Seriously, if your reading this Elbow, I thought you’d know what an encore is supposed to be. An ‘encore’ where you play the song you’ve been known to close with for a while now belongs in your fucking set! An encore needs to be earned. I’m all for a band taking a minute or two between tracks to rest, or change instruments, or have a shot of booze, but don’t go off stage with the intention of returning. Definitely the low point of your gig.