Open letter to DiGi Malaysia

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Dear DiGi,

5 08am Sunday morning - SMS from DiGi

Please stop spamming me via SMS. I know it’s been 15 months since I’ve signed up for your service — which is 15 months of SMS spamming — but today was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

I received and SMS from you informing me ‘my accumulated charges had reached 50%’. There are a couple things wrong with this:

  1. 50% of what? We pay for an unlimited phone and data plan, so how could I reach 50%?
  2. Even if we did reach 50% of our whatever, what good is knowing we’re reached 50%? I know from experience that I’ll get an SMS at 75% too. This makes a bit more sense. 50% is too far out to do anything meaningful about. I’m not going to curb my phone calls, SMS, and data usage that far out from the end of my limit (if I had one).

In addition to the ridiculousness of the SMS, I received it at 5:08am on SUNDAY MORNING. I’ve italicised, bolded, and capitalised to emphasise how pissed off I am. I can tolerate receiving drunk SMS from friends at 5:08am, because a drunk friend does not think clearly and realise I might be asleep at 5am on Sunday. Your SMSs are surely sent by robot spammers (not humans, or drunk humans even) which are 100% programmable. I understand your robot spammers would send the SMS as soon as I reached my fictitious 50% limit, but is it too hard to put a hold on a spam message until 9am in the morning? I hardly think I’m going to use the second fictional 50% of my limit in the four hours between 5am and 9am, on a Sunday morning, while I’m sleeping.

And before you reply[1. Hahahahahaha… as if.], I have tried your STOP ALL service — several times — but like many things in ‘corporate’ Malaysia, it doesn’t work.

I’ve been to one of your outlets to put an end to this spamming, but they were of no help. As an aside, while I was waiting to be served, there were two DiGi employees playing with their phones and chatting behind a ‘closed for lunch’ sign. Interesting, since it was close to 5pm when I visited. I suppose they could’ve been doing research?

Anyway the one girl who did serve me seemed enthusiastic, and dare I say, helpful, but the information she gave me to stop your spamming, while possibly ‘correct’, didn’t work.

So DiGi please, stop spamming me with SMS. We pay good money for your service, as well as RM700 ‘deposit’ (foreigner’s only) in case we skip the country and not fulfil our one year contract. You have our money, and our patronage[2. The reasons we haven’t changed to another provider is a) it’s simply too much hassle, and b) from all accounts all Malaysian telcos are the same.] , but not our recommendation.

Sincerely annoyed

Update 1

sms OUT or KELUAR to 1994

Lolo has given me the proper code in the comments to stop DiGi’s SMS marketing:

…send either one of the keywords OUT or KELUAR to 1994.

I followed the instructions; hope it works. So far so good (it’s been less than a day). I’ll report back if it’s successful or not.

Update 2

This morning we received the same 50% SMS as previous one. At 4am. Robots never sleep — especially the stupid repetitive ones. Can’t win them all, I guess.

This did get me thinking though, maybe DiGi don’t class this particular message as marketing. Since sending through the magic word to 1994, I haven’t received any marketing, which is something to note, however the frequency with which I received marketing was inconsistent; sometimes I’d get a couple in one day, then a few in a week, then sometimes none for a week or two.

So this’ll be a long term thing; I’ll report back after a while if I receive no SMS marketing which I’d count as a half-victory. In the meantime, I can take bets on how many more 50% messages I receive, telling me the same thing.

  • lolo
    lolo lolo

    If you wish to opt out from DiGi’s SMS and MMS Promotional Messages, please send either one of the keywords OUT or KELUAR to 1994.

    just helping

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it didn’t help. We received the same SMS message in the wee hours this morning.

  • Angela
    Angela Angela

    “50% of what? We pay for an unlimited phone and data plan, so how could I reach 50%?”

    True enough… I just got the same sms from Digi. I’m using a postpaid plan, so totally have no idea of what the 50% is??

    I left a comment to Digi using the ‘Contact Us’ form regarding the spam sms on a bill I already settled for days. No reply, as usual… They just don’t care, guess they created the ‘Contact Us’ page for fun… :)

    • Barto
      Barto Barto

      Hi Angela. Yes, I agree about the contact us page.

      After a few weeks, I have noticed I’ve received no advertising SMSs from Digi, so maybe the method suggested by the commenter works? At least for advertising spam. Still getting the 50% spam though.