Operation ‘HangNet’

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After 15 months of living in our apartment in KL, I finally made my way down to the ghetto court that can be viewed from our balcony to play some basketball:

It was pretty fun, albeit a bit hot in the afternoon sun. The court surface is surprisingly nice; it’s concrete, but it’s smooth and almost feels polished, enough even to get a few squeaks from your shoes!. It has some dirt and dust here and there, but considering the court is a carpark during the day it’s in very good condition. The backboard is weathered but solid; the ring unbent and horizontal. It lacks only one thing… a net.

Covert operation

Yesterday morning, I put operation ‘HangNet’ (wherein I bought a regulation size nylon basketball net for RM9.80 [~A$3.00] — the last one in the store; attempted to ‘dirty’ it a little with some used coffee grounds and boiling water [had to match the vibe of the court]; instantly shrank it to approximately one-third its original size; laughed; cried; bought another net [and a spare-y] from a different store much further away; ‘dirtied’ it with cold water and tea bags; realised it would not take very well ‘cos it’s synthetic; was surprised that the tea actually took the edge off the bright white nylon; prepared the night before for an early morning operation launch; got up at 6am (made porridge and fresh juice for my wife); left for the court under cover of darkness and with some pre-torn gaffa tape, two rolls of electrical tape, and a borrowed aluminium ladder; and hung that fucking net like nobody’s business) into full effect. The operation went quite well. I had to deal with a couple of unarmed guards, but it was nothing I couldn’t handle ;)

This morning was my first session playing on my new local court at its full potential. It was rad. I can only play before 8am on weekdays because the whole area fills up with parked cars. This is ok because the sun hasn’t risen enough to raise the temperature too many degrees past the overnight “low” of 27ºC. Weekends are ok to play all day.

Now I just need a cool name for the court. If you have a suggestion, please whack it in the comments. See Update.


At the time of writing, the cover image to my website is a picture of my basketball (if you can’t see a basketball at the top of the page, tap here to see what I’m talking about). and it is a basketball with it’s own 15 year old story: Years and years ago in my high school days I often played basketball at the Albert Park basketball stadium. It was cheap, had plenty of indoor courts, and had that Deep-Heaty gym smell. I had a break from playing for a while after finishing high school, but the hankering for a game at the stadium resurfaced a little later. I went out with a bunch of my hard-earned cash and bought a proper Spalding basketball and travelled directly from the store via the No.5 tram to Albert Park. I hopped off, bouncing my new ball as I excitedly strolled to the stadium …to find it had had been completely knocked down to make way for the planned Formula 1 race circuit.

I walked home.

Ball fever

I’m a little basketball-crazy at the moment. So, In other basketball-related news check out my Wolf Grey Jordan 5s, and this clip of Hot Sauce the Streetballer.

As you were.

Update 1

I’m calling the court Yonkers. The street it’s on is Yap Kwan Seng. Yap Kwan Seng = Y.K.S = YonKerS. Also because of Tyler The Creator. Where is Yonkers?.

Update 2

Added better photos.

Update 3

Now on Courts of the World!

  • s2art
    s2art s2art

    Yonkers is a suburb of NYC, I believe?

    • Barto
      Barto Barto

      It is indeed. But it is also my local basketball hoop :) Homage?