Boonie’s last supper

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Boonie and the steak

On Sunday, our dear, dear friend Boonie (aka The Cypriot, aka Xystros, aka Milia, aka Millsy, aka Mills & Boon, aka Mittens[1. ‘Mittens’ was a nickname given to Boonie in the final 48 hours of her KL stay. She probably doesn’t want you to know why, so I definitely won’t post a photo which she’d kill me over, even if it does explain it succinctly…], and aka B-Mitténs, left KL. Which is really crap for us, but awesome for her because it means she’s just started her seven-week holiday in Europe!

The history

The Cypriot was one of those people you just click with — eerily like Michelle — and with whom you know you’ll be lifelong friends, despite a separation of 869kms.

Boonie (which was my most oft-used name) is as down-to-earth as they come, but with a lightning-fast wit, and mouth. She likes to talk, and she has important, interesting, and hilarious things to say. She’s smart (you have to be when you’re a lawyer) but not boring (which I thought you had to be when you’re a lawyer).

We met for the first time twice. The second time was at the Malaysian Moto GP in 2010, where it turned out we had mutual friends that we’d both just become friends with. We got to chatting and found out we lived in the same building! The Moto GP crew went out to dinner that night, so Kelly and I met Boonie (then known as Milia) downstairs at the entrance to the buildings for the first time. We must’ve met there a zillion times since then…

The first time we ever met Boonie was quick and bizarre, and neither Kelly nor I remembered this meeting until we met for the second time (confused?). Kelly and I had bumped into our real estate agent Jill and were having a chat downstairs in Avenue K. We’d not long ago moved into our apartment and she was asking how everything was going. At some point during the conversation, we mentioned to Jill that we’d just joined Manza, and out the blue came a crazy woman, grabbing me by the arm and yelling “I’ve just joined Manza too!” I was a bit stunned, so I can’t exactly recall the next few seconds, but I’m fairly certain I turned to Kelly and said “Jesus, just how crazy are the people in this town?”

As it turns out, the perfect amount of crazy.

The future

So, Boonie’s off to Europe for seven weeks, and then returns to Sydney. You can’t underestimate the impact having a friend so close, and close by, makes. We’d see each other an average of three times a week, and it was never forced or uncomfortable. It was just good.

We’re going to miss her dearly.

What an exit!

The final weekend of Boonie’s KL life was pretty incredible. We had dinner together at Ben’s on Friday night. Kelly was working late but we all made it there and were in great spirits with banter of Boonie’s final day at work and her coming well deserved break. On Saturday, the girls went for manicures and pedicures, followed by some rest before the massive RockStar Karaoke 3-in-1 fancy dress party (post with video coming soon!!!). Awesome night: plenty of booze drunk; much singing, wailing, and nashing of teeth. Boonie partied on with the crew in the city long after Kelly and I retired.

Sunday it was a egg and bacon-y fry up at our place, followed by the girls cruising off for a multi-hour pampering at Hammam in Bangsar. Sunday evening was the famous steak at Suzi’s corner. The whole KL Crew came to see Boonie off and say goodbye. It was a somewhat subdued but fun dinner. There was cake. The crew said goodbye without any tears (that I saw). A testament to Boonie’s style: ever the optimist (even while being a lawyer). After dinner, a train ride to the airport and an 8-hour non-stop business class flight to Paris.

Not too bad, eh? But, if you can believe it, I haven’t mentioned the best part:

On the drive over to Bangsar on Sunday — Boonie’s last day in KLshe won the cow game.


  • Boonie Mittens
    Boonie Mittens Boonie Mittens

    Bonjour from the first leg of the European trip.

    Firstly let me say…..I already miss you both and thank you for your (mainly) lovely words.

    Secondly, what happened to the no photos without make up rule!!!! You are very brave when I am in a different continent.

    The most miraculous thing has already happened on this holiday. My friend Roberta was aware of the cow game before I had the opportunity to explain it to her. Roberta’s cow game did have some different rules. However, the essence of the game was the same. It was a cow game!

    This of course initially caused me to have quite a thrill. The cow game has already made it around the world, I thought. However, then Roberta explained that she has known of the cow game for sometime. Hmmmmmmmm. This raises some questions doesn’t it – about the origin of the cow game?

    B Mittens

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Pipe down B Mitténs, the cow game has been around for a long time. At least since Claire was in the US, about 13–14 years ago.

    I’m curious to know these different rules. How different could they be? And are they different, or ‘crap’-er?

    PS. Amended the post about to include B-Mittens as a new ‘aka’.