Bonjour from the first leg of the European trip.

Firstly let me say…..I already miss you both and thank you for your (mainly) lovely words.

Secondly, what happened to the no photos without make up rule!!!! You are very brave when I am in a different continent.

The most miraculous thing has already happened on this holiday. My friend Roberta was aware of the cow game before I had the opportunity to explain it to her. Roberta’s cow game did have some different rules. However, the essence of the game was the same. It was a cow game!

This of course initially caused me to have quite a thrill. The cow game has already made it around the world, I thought. However, then Roberta explained that she has known of the cow game for sometime. Hmmmmmmmm. This raises some questions doesn’t it – about the origin of the cow game?

B Mittens