Google Web Fonts

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I think Google’s free web font archive is the bees knees. I’m no web developer though, so I don’t know what downsides there are to using these fonts on an important website. I guess because it’s free, and controlled by Google, they are able to change the font availability, pull it altogether, or amend the licensing terms without your knowledge, but as far as I can tell that’s the only downside.

The upside is we now have access to more than 200 fonts to use confidently across the web, whereas before we had a dozen or so. Granted, only a small number can be used well for body text, but for headings and subheadings, this is great. I’m using Arvo for my headings:

Main heading

Subheading one

Subheading two

The new interface is pretty slick too. Easy to search and find a font you might like gracing your, or your client’s pages. And if I can implement new fonts on my site without Kirk‘s help, then it’s sure easy to use.

I submitted my fonts a couple of months ago, but I’ve not heard back. Maybe I should send them through again?


Hmmm, maybe not so good?