OSX Lion’s best feature (so far)

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Today I installed OSX Lion on our Mac Mini. The Mac Mini lives next to our TV and runs all our music, movies, and tv shows. Back in Oz, it also took care of our free-to-air TV via an EyeTV doodad. Basically, it’s a media centre.

For years and years, we’ve had the iTunes Artwork screensaver running on the Mac Mini. What this does is show you a continually changing grid of album covers from your iTunes library. This is pretty cool ‘cos you see albums you haven’t listened to in literally years. As good as it is I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve turned to my wife and said “How cool would it be if you could just click and play any of these albums?”

Well, in OSX Lion…

ITunes Artwork

you can!

Any album that you hover over will present a play button. Cool! An ‘exit’ button appears in the bottom-right corner so you can actually leave the screensaver (because mouse/trackpad movement no longer quits the screensaver obviously). Or you can hit any keyboard key.

So, so good. This is my favourite feature of Lion so far[1. 15 minutes so far…].