Poster: Tree of life

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Tree of life

As soon as I saw this post on This Is Colossal, I reached for my wallet so quickly I tore a hole in my pants. Consequently, it’s exactly what they did. And no wonder.

This poster by Degreeº is fantastic! The design is perfect — simple, great concept, and I’ll never get tired of getting up close to have a look at the detail. It’s multi-dimensional; it makes sense from afar, and offers more up close. I love that shit.

It’s printed on off-white, thick, slightly-textured paper. I pulled it out to admire it once, then again to show Kelly, but never again — I was too scared to mark the pristine paper.

With a recommendation from T-Jizzle & Anna™ I’ve had it framed by the guy upstairs at Hock Choon here in KL. Excellent quality framing, in three days, with a grand total of RM130 (~$40 Oz)!

Love it.


The sugar glider is my favourite bit so far. I’m sure I’ll have many over the coming years.

  • Goog.
    Goog. Goog.

    its fucking amazing!!!!!!!

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    I have the same enthusiasm, bro.