The simple life

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I wish life were this simple

Yesterday, I uploaded the above photo to Instagram and wrote the caption “I wish life were this simple.”

But today, I think I’ve changed my mind. Which is a sort of Inception-esque proof of concept. To be honest, I don’t think I do wish life were that simple. Or, more specifically, maybe I do wish it were that simple, but if it was, I’d probably get bored.

It’s the idea of a simple life is what I like, not the simple life itself. If it were the case, I should become a Buddhist monk; nothing but praying, contemplation, food, learning, teaching, and awesome Shaolin martial arts training.

Actually, that doesn’t sound so simple.

Some friends of ours have moved out to the country. I visited them when I was in Oz last, and fell in love with the area, the landscape, and ideal of a country life. So much so that after Kelly mentioned a seemingly foolproof strategy for where we buy our house (one day), we immediately began looking around Kyneton and Castlemaine areas of country Victoria.

But that’s changed now too. I don’t think we could live out that way, at least not in the near future. The full-time country life doesn’t appeal as much as a-visit-of-a-few-days country life. So, we’re back to square one on that front, which is to say, we don’t know what to do on that front (again).

If I really wanted a simple life, I wouldn’t need to decide to stop taking on more freelance design work, because I wouldn’t have any freelance design work in the first place. The fact is, I like design. And photography. And playing drums. And cooking. And learning all the stuff that goes along with it. I’ve had almost 18 months off from full-time work, and I’ve rarely sat still.

Perhaps my wife said it best when she told me — and I’m paraphrasing ‘cos I’m too stupid to acknowledge and then remember genius as it happens: “You’ll just sit down and learn something until you know it, and then you’ll get bored and move on to something new.” If I really wanted a simple life, why must I agree with her?

The answer to that is: because I don’t want a simple life. I want to be challenged and I want to learn things. In a collection of honest thoughts about her best-est buddies (The Love Group) on Google+, my good friend Fox recently said of me “Bart is … interested in everything.” (Emphasis hers). I think this is an astute observation; I once watched and enjoyed a whole documentary about compost. Fox also said in the next sentence “Secretly I think he looks like a bear”, but on that I have no comment.

It appears a simple life is not on the cards for me, and as such it’s hard to predict what is. But I do like the look of an unplugged 11″ MacBook Air and a glass of water kicking back on a recycled teak dining table. Or like the idea of how it looks.