Busy, busy, busy

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I’ve been writing less than usual over the last month. Which is less than I’d like to. Also, I’ve not worked on any photography for more than a month (my usual rate was a photo uploaded every few days or so). There’ll be no photo post on bartkowalski.com for the month of August.


When I returned from my last trip to Oz I accepted a bunch of free, or novelty-ly paid design projects, some of which it turned out I didn’t really want to do (I wish foresight was as 20/20 as hindsight). I drew the line recently and decided not to take on any more freelance work for a while so I could finish up what I had on my plate, and shift focus towards some personal projects. This personal decision, of course, brought on a flood of new projects which I’ve had to decline regretfully. When it rains it pours…

Last week Kelly and I returned from a trip to Vietnam, to take advantage of the Hari Raya public holidays here in KL, which postponed work for 10 days. Next week, my parents are touring so I’ll be swapping my design hat for a tour guide hat for a week and a half. 24 hours after they jump on a plane back to Oz, I’m flying to Singapore for a week.


Don’t get me wrong, these are great problems to have, so much so you’d hesitate to even call them problems. But they do add some stress, especially when some of your freebie design projects have deadlines that will affect release schedules, which will have an impact on tour schedules (don’t worry guys, I’ll get your stuff done by Tuesday!)


I feel it’s rude to not let regular readers know the reasons for writing on a less-regular basis. It’s even worse to effectively disappear for a couple of weeks. So I’m writing to tell you I won’t be writing as often for the next two or three weeks.

Which is a bit annoying because I have a around 20 posts in my drafts folder, in various stages of completion. I’ll hopefully finish two or three of them before my folks arrive and set them up to automatically post on the days I’m away. I hate leaving things unfinished[1. I’m also in the middle of two books :/]

No doubt my folks will require some downtime by the pool so if I don’t have urgent design work to amend or finalise, I’ll be trying to finish some of these posts. Which is kind of ironic seeing as my mum is my most avid reader (hi Maa!, see you Wednesday!) and she’ll be right here.

I’ve really grown accustomed to writing regularly, and enjoy hashing out ideas and speaking my mind on Teh Interwebs™. I’ll be keen to get back to it ASAP.