Instagram feature requests x2 x1.25

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Instagram have improved the filter selection in the 2.0.1 update. It’s not what I suggested, but it works a helluva lot better. I suggested removing inertia scrolling from the filter list, but instead, they’ve removed the looping scroll. The filter list is now finite, meaning you can quickly get to the end of the list, then select your filter (if it’s near the end).

They’ve also now removed the automatic sliding of the chosen filter into the middle of the screen, meaning when you tap a filter, the list stays where you left it. This is great.

A final thing: it feels very snappy now. Choosing filters is fast and intuitive. I’ve suggested UI changes they’ve not implemented (not that I think they’d listen to little old me…), but with the few minutes I’ve spent with the 2.0.1 update, I feel my suggestions might become less important.


After reading this excellent blog post about the negative aspects of the new Instagram app (via Daring Fireball), I was reminded that I have two features I’d love to see in Instagram that I think would make the app even easier to use than it is now, even after the app’s 2.0 UI update.

Below is what I wrote to the Instagram folk this morning, added here for posterity, and in the hope that some of you will agree and write (or copy/paste) the same to Instagram’s feature request email page:

Hi Instagram crew.

Now that we have the awesome live filter function, and filters run much faster, can you please include the ability to swipe left and right on the actual image to cycle through filters? The larger screen area of the actual image and the touch surface make the ideal scenario for this to happen and work well.

If you add this UI feature, please only make it swipe one filter at a time, not like the inertia scroll of the filter gallery. It’s too easy to over shoot the filter you’re after with inertia scrolling, and I suspect it’s easier to swipe through filters one by one, especially when swiping on a target area as large as the actual picture. You could keep the swivel/slide filter gallery below the image for those who want to scroll through many filters to get to their beloved one.

I think this feature would be great for people like me who don’t have a particular ‘go to’ filter, and who prefer to go through many filters to find the one that suits the shot the most. Swiping across the image to go to the next filter would be a simple and effective way to do this.


PS. Second feature request: I would personally find it great if you were able to reorder the filters to have you favourites/most used towards the front of the list. These could be indicated in the filter gallery with a different-coloured border around the thumbnail.

Thanks again