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Liverpop: foie gras lollipop

Last night was a visit to Bistro a Table for their degustation menu. Degustation to me, is synonymous with wearing a collar and pants, the latter of which I rarely do in KL[1. My ankles like to breathe.]. It’s also synonymous with trying new things. Including Liverpops.

← This, my dear readers, is a Liverpop.

As we sat down and started on our drinks, the young chef, Isadora Chai, came out to welcome us and go through the menu. She was younger than I had expected, and was enthusiastic and knowledgeable about tonight’s adventure. Chef Isadora explained the fourth course (of seven) as “…the most expensive lollipop you’ll ever eat”. And it probably would’ve been, because it was a giant slice of foie gras on a stick, bookended with slices of caramelised apple, wrapped in toffee sinew (my description), and embedded in a bread roll. It looked sort of expensive.

Unfortunately, expensive is not synonymous with delicious. At least it wasn’t for the six of us at the table. Granted we could be classed as yobbos by fine dining standards, and I’m sure there are people who enjoy foie gras a lot, but I wonder if they’d enjoy a tennis ball-sized, 1cm section of it? Hmmm…

Anyway, to our credit (I think) we all had a try, and some enjoyed it more than others. Tori was chewing with a look of utter concern concentration, while I tried my luck with stuffing the liver-patty in between two halves of the roll Aussie hamburger style. Neither worked.

At least I can check Liverpops off my bucket list.

  • miguel angel
    miguel angel miguel angel

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