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Lalety I’ve been enjoying posting to and checking Instagram more than Twitter. I’m not 100% sure why, but here are a some theories:

  • Instagram is visual, and I’m a visual guy. The basis of Instagram is you take photos with the Instagram app, and upload them as you would a tweet in Twitter. You can write a note with your photo, and you can ‘❤ favourite’ and leave comments on other people’s photos.
  • It’s fun to explore peoples photos and see the world as they do, and to do this is pretty instantaneous; you can see with a quick glance into someone’s feed whether you’ll want to follow them. To do this in Twitter you’d have to read a bunch of tweets before you decide if you like that person enough to follow them.
  • There’s generally no linking out to other URLs, images, or videos — it’s all contained within the app. By all I mean, photos and text. It doesn’t do videos, and you need to manually type a URL into the comments field to link out. It’s not built for that, nor is it meant to be. There’s no re-Instargamming (like retweeting). It’s more personal as a result.

Unfortunately Instagram is iPhone only for the time being, and there’s no web interface to speak of. There is the excellent Inkstagram web interface for viewing, exploring, commenting, and ❤ing, but not uploading. You can also view someone else’s Instagram gallery without having signed up for Instagram yourself (if you know their username): here’s my Instagram gallery.

Maybe my attention span is getting even shorter. Maybe 140 characters is just too many. I don’t know. (I sure hope not!). I just know I’m enjoying Instagram a lot these days.