20105 vs 77

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===== Update =====

7-5, Anna’s win

Holy shit, how hard is a real game of tennis? Especially in full sun, searing heat, god-knows how much humidity, and zero breeze. Sweating up a storm just by keeping our eyelids open. Wow!

It was a good game, but it was long. It started out as 0-2 in my favour, Anna even remarking it may be a victory in straight sets. But not long after it was hit for hit, point for point, game for game. I fell over in the fourth set game, slightly twisting my ankle, but luckily not enough to stop play (and Anna’s shot went out. Bonus! :).

It was 5-5 and we had a bunch of deuces in row, maybe 4 or 5. I dunno. At that point my shivering body was telling me it wanted the game to end quickly. But we kept duelling, and Anna won that game to make it 6-5. The last game went by fairly quickly, with match point being won because I hit one into the net. Game Anna. In just over an hour.

Now I have to explain to my wife how she lost 20 faux-ringgit :(


My tennis partner Anna and I are scheduled to play our first actual game on Tuesday. Up until now, we’ve been hitting balls back and forth, practising strokes and avoiding the gym. In the last few weeks we’ve been playing a little more competitively, making each other run around a bit more, and trying to place the ball properly to hit a winner.

But shit’s about to get real.

We’re to play one set, with the following agreements:

  • We’re keeping score — we’ve never done this before despite trying to ‘win’ points against each other.
  • No more ‘winner takes all’ clause — typically I’ll announce ‘winner takes all’ right before we play our last ball. This makes it fun and adds a little heat to the last play. Apparently this clause negates the need for the previous point.
  • We’ll be swapping sides of the court like they do in real tennis — however this is really to ensure we get sunburned evenly on both sides. We often forget to do this, but Anna’s getting married soon so we can’t afford to forget again :)
  • We must serve over-arm. Like, proper-serve. I’ve never done this before, have you? And there’ll be no leniency on serves that are out.
  • We must be honest with all close line calls.
  • We must talk to each other and remain friendly on the car trip home.

In my opinion we’re pretty evenly matched: my enthusiasm is high because I have new strings, while Anna can actually play tennis. Should be interesting.

Oh yeah, an explanation on those numbers…

While out drinking (hard) at Tate last night I was soliciting bets on who would win this “tennis match”. 20105 faux-ringgit was laid down for Anna’s victory…

(At least my wife is on my side — but it took some convincing).

  • Torizzle
    Torizzle Torizzle

    Can’t wait to hear who wins! I hope a replay will be shown on Astro sport later.

    See you tonight for pizza!

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Sup? Probably will — Astro only screens top-quality sports events.