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In the Siri part of his iPhone 4S review, John Gruber writes:

I tried the same things Scott Forstall demoed on stage. They all worked, as promised. On a whim, I asked Siri, with no other context, “When is my next haircut?” Siri answered with my appointment scheduled for later this month. I asked, “When was my last haircut?”, and it found that appointment from a month ago. I told Siri, “Play something by the Rolling Stones” and it played a random Stones song (“Gimme Shelter”, from Let It Bleed). I interrupted and said, “Play ‘Some Girls” by the Rolling Stones”, and Siri played just that song.

I was out running errands today, walking through the city. I remembered, a mile away from home, that a screw had fallen out of my wife’s favorite eyeglasses over the weekend, and that she was waiting for me to fix them. Walking down a city street, I said, “Remind me to fix Amy’s glasses when I get home.” Half an hour later, within a few doors of our house, the reminder went off.

I haven’t even read past this part of the review, but I feel compelled to report — without being able to go into any sort of detail because friends, acquaintances, and mothers are reading — that interesting things are happening to parts of my body.

This is the beginning of AI.