Branding: A Space To Create

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Logo design for A Space To Create, a photographic studio for hire in Cairns, Australia (recently known as Cairns Photo Studio).

The concept is based on an empty studio; it’s the hire-ee who fills the studio with subjects, props, and a vision. Marketing towards professional (and budding professional) photographers in the area, a clean, classic, and simple approach was needed for the logo. This approach also describes a professional photographic studio.

A cube in three dimensions was used to emphasise empty volume. Every stroke is the same colour creating a classic Necker Cube illusion. This illusion forces the brain imagine different possibilities, the same way in which a photographer can use an empty studio to bring his imaghined image to fruition.

The intersecting lines create a rectangle which with a little customisation has been turned into a stylised camera. Earlier variations did not include a pop-up flash resulting in the camera looking a little like a washing machine. Late in the design process I added the flash to make the camera unmistakable.

A burnt red/orange colour was used as a representation of the hot, sunny weather in Cairns, but also as a strong accent against the black and white text. The negative version of the logo has a slightly lighter orange to better balance the colour on a dark background.