Coma #1

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One of my most favourite metal tracks of all time is Coma, by the now defunct Gold Coast/Melbourne band Tension. I can’t remember where I first heard it, but I instantly liked it, even more so when I learned Tension were Aussies!

Unfortunately Tension disbanded1 right before their debut — and only — album was released. Marty and I had the pleasure of seeing them play their last show, at 2:30am somewhere in North Melbourne, and we were glad to have seen them although we knew no songs besides Coma. I bought the album The Blind Leading the Deaf Following the Dumb as soon as it was released, and I give it a spin often. The album is good overall, but I still think Coma is my favourite track from it.

The track has a good arrangement with multiple parts, a mixture of growly vocals and clean singing with harmonies, great drumming and odd time signatures, great but not too technical ‘math metal’ riffing, and it is pretty brutal when all the guitars are layered. A top-notch brew for any hungry heavy metal traveller.

And, if you play it on repeat with iTunes’ crossfade preference switched on, it loops perfectly :)

Plug your headphones in, turn them up, and press play \m/

Grab the album on iTunes for only 8 bucks!

  1. I’ve since learned that Lucan Stone has formed another band called HELM. I’ve bought an album from iTunes and so far it’s pretty good. It’s a little less metal than I expected, but I really dig Lucas’ harmonising vocals in Tension’s music, so I’ll give HELM a few more spins and see how I feel.