Faux passport memento

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Our good friends Karen and Joel are leaving Malaysia and heading back to an Aussie life. Karen and Joel have been instrumental in keeping us expats from boredom and stagnation. They’ve been the organisers of almost all the events you read about on my blog, and between them they attend every bloody one!

A bunch of us came up with the idea to create a keepsake containing photos of Kaz and Joel with friends, and anecdotes of how they first met.

Once all materials were gathered, it was my responsibility to, as Claire the infectious diseases doctor put it, “do something nice with it all.”

Plan A — I was to design the passport from scratch, have a local printer print it, and I’ll simply cut/paste/glue/staple everything together. Well, turns out there isn’t many great digital printers anywhere near me, especially who could knock it out in a day. On to Plan B.

Plan B — Purchase some nice photo paper and do the printer’s job for them. The problem with this approach, was I was running out of time. Since returning from Singapore last weekend, I’ve been flat out with design work, both personal and for my previous employer while he’s on a rollercoaster tour of the US[1. By ‘rollercoaster tour’ I mean an actual tour of rollercoasters in the US, fulfilling a childhood dream he’s been clinging to :)]. Put simply, I did not have the time to produce it this way.

Plan C — Still purchase some nice photo paper and do the printer’s job for them, but now also purchase a passport-sized photo album or notebook to place the printed photos and anecdotes into. So that’s what I did. Which is lucky because it took me all day to put it all together, and I was fortunate to not have to play with the print too much to get decent skin tones.

It went down a treat :)

  • Maa
    Maa Maa

    What a great idea replacing the “normal” photo album with something like this! Perfect! Good work Son!