iPhone 4S (and that other news…)

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IPhone 4S

This post is a somewhat feeble attempt to rationalise my want of the new iPhone 4S announced a couple of days ago. It’s a way to try to get it out of my mind. I don’t think it’ll work.

I like new things, but I like good things more. When the two are combined… *sigh*

There are many reports of disappointment in the internet press; the iPhone 4S — not iPhone 5 — looks the same as the previous model. Expectations were high especially since Steve Jobs resigned from CEO at Apple * . But why the disappointment? As Marco writes:

Would as many people be disappointed if Apple had released the same device but called it the iPhone 5?

I think it’s because is it looks the same, and by the same I mean a bee’s dick[1. Yes, I used that term. Deal with it.] from identical to the iPhone 4, and the rumours were predicting a new design. I’m all for a new design — especially from Apple — but I love the iPhone 4’s form factor. I was secretly hoping for an unchanged design because I never got to own an iPhone 4, in fact I’ve only held one a handful[2. See what I did there?] of times, the longest being two or three minutes when Marty arrived late to the pub because he’d just picked it up hot of the press, and we all ‘had a go’. I am Jack’s envious dock.

The iPhone 4/4S design is sleek, sharp, and masculine, while the 3GS is curvy, shiny, and somewhat feminine. The 4S is all glass and brushed aluminium, the 3GS is black plastic and faux-chrome. The 4S is hard, the 3GS soft.

The iPhone 4S has more likeness to Dieter Rams classic designs from the 60s which I’m very partial to. Apple has been compared to, and sometimes accused of, ripping off Dieter Rams designs for a while now. I think Rams would have praise for Apple’s designs, not only because they’re obviously following his design ethos quite closely, but because they make great products: “Do we really need 10 coffee machines? In fact, we just need a single good one.”

Apple have made a single great smartphone — the iPhone — and I need one ASAP[3. Anyone in Melbourne want a free wedding shoot in the next month? You’ll just need to cover my (very cheap) airfare from KL to Melbourne. Yes, I’m serious.].


* That other news…

This morning, Steve Jobs’ passing was announced on Apple.com. I was back-and-forthing between my blogging app and Apple’s website gathering for info on the iPhone 4S and looking for the right image for this post. One minute I was watching the cool HTML5 animations on Apple’s home page, and the next minute, utter silence. Literally, just like that. The page was eerily quiet, void of any products, icons, and tag lines. An Apple-designed epitaph.

I was actually a little shocked, and not just from the seemingly split-second change on the home page of apple.com. It’s a weird feeling, but subtle. A feeling of loss perhaps? Obviously I never knew Steve Jobs, but his vision — and you’ll hear the word ‘visionary’ be used a lot over the coming weeks, and for good reason — reached me. I’m not 100% confident Apple will fulfil my every computing desire as they have so far. I’m maybe 90% confident they will, which means I’m 10% concerned for my personal computing future. (Updated).

All day I’ve been tossing up whether or not I’d write a post about Steve Jobs’ passing. I’ve decided this asterisk point will suffice. You’ll have the chance to read many words about the man’s incredible career, his life, and his death in the coming days — I don’t need to add to it. As I said before, I never met the guy, but anyone who knows me knows how much I appreciated the design of Apple’s products. An excerpt from Tim Cook’s company-wide email reads: “…his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.” I sincerely hope it will.

Marco has perhaps said exactly what I wanted to say over the last three paragraphs.