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At Webstock earlier this year, I briefly met a dude called Andrew Fulton. He was pretty cool ‘cos he was from Melbourne (sup, folks?!)

But he was cooler ‘cos he has an online comic called Mumblier. I made it a rule of Webstock that if I met someone and they had a website/product/cause, I’d have to check it out. Andrew and I talked for a few minutes, he gave me a card, and that was that. But I’m sure glad I checked out his comic (sup, Andrew?)

I’m not a massive comics person — despite some friends of mine opening their own comic book store — but I love the way Andrew’s comics take on an unconventional layout. He uses the infinite scroll of a webpage to enhance the comic, weaving it in the strip itself. I especially love the recent comics which look hand-painted in gouache (but I could be wrong about that).

Click the image to check out the full strip of that comic, which is one of my recent favourites. It’ll make sense, and put a little smile on your dial.

And subscribe to his RSS feed ‘cos he has a heap of older comics in there.

  • Michelle Park
    Michelle Park Michelle Park

    Excellent tip, old chap.