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Selangor races panorama

On the weekend, a group of 16 of us went to the races. Horse races. In Selangor, Malaysia. It was a great day (and a boozy night), so much so that as I type this two days later, Kelly and I still hungover. I can’t remember much after sundown, but I know this:

  • Booze was drunk
  • Money was lost

I snapped some photos while I was still able. It looks like we had a whale of a time despite my dislike of the sport. Fortunately, I like Żubrówka so I had made it through the day. The next day (and the day after) were much harder to get through. The upside? Pizza night recovery!

Here is a selection of my photographic efforts :)
(The full set is viewable on our Flickr page).

  • Sandrijn
    Sandrijn Sandrijn

    Thanks Bart! I’ll be referring to your blog again on our update this month :)

    • Barto
      Barto Barto