Things: Byrd & Belle hand-made MacBook Air sleeve

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The latest entry into the materialistic rambling of Things is my Byrd & Belle hand-made MacBook Air Sleeve. Both my regular readers know I’ve been using a padded envelope as protection for my MacBook Air, and for almost a full year it has been a fine solution — especially for a dollar — but an upgrade has been in the works for a while, I’ve just never been happy with the offerings.

Enter Byrd & Belle (and Etsy). Angie at Byrd & Belle makes everything herself. She has fantastic communication. She is polite and informative. She works from an incredible studio which befits her work. She has an online schedule you can look up to see when your custom order is being crafted. Basically, she made me feel glad I was spending my money on her product.

Once it arrived, I was thrilled; it was everything I had hoped it would be. This hand-made sleeve is perfect, and here’s why:

  • It’s hand-made. Completely. Designed, cut, sewn, wrapped, packaged, and mailed.
  • It fits perfectly. It’s very snug, but easy to slide the Mac in and out. In fact, if you put it all the way in[1. That’s what she said…], you can hold it upside down and it’ll stay in (untill you wiggle a little and it slides out again).
  • My particular sleeve was a merging of two existing sleeve designs, meaning it was completely custom :) (This is exactly the thing I hate clients doing.)
  • The corners are perfectly square and sharp, despite being made from felt.
  • It has no logo.
  • It has just enough protection for being lugged around in a bag or suitcase.
  • It feels awesome!

There are 1,000,001 MacBook Air sleeves on the market. And 1001 on Etsy, but if you want simple, utilitarian, and beautiful, have a look at Byrd & Belle.