November, 2011

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Elbow grease

Before After This was, and is, the kitchen in my parents’ house. It’s amazing what a little patience and some elbow grease can produce. Tip o’ the hat to my Mum who, in her retirement, sanded down all the wood you see in the photos. My Dad was responsible for (still) going to work, and painting after hours. Great job!

iPhone 4S

After much hullabaloo, our iPhone 4Ss finally made their way to us. One week in, and our impressions of this iPhone are: fecking radstix with sauce! Compared to our 3GSs, the 4Ss are super-fast, responsiveness is ultra-non-laggy, screen is scalpelly-crisp, and Kelly has volume buttons again :) Siri is fun to play with, but so far it (she?) works as advertised roughly 50% of the time. It supposedly takes a week or so to get to know you, and it’s in ‘beta’, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how good it’ll eventually be.

Braveheart BraveBart

Here is a true story.[1. …with some exaggeration for dramatic effect.] My tennis partner Anna has gone back to New Zealand more or less until February. As I’ve been enjoying my tennis a lot lately this leaves me in a predicament. So last week I contacted the ‘captain’ of the MANZA tennis group, Monika, to see if I could join in on their Monday game. “Well, we had a man once”, came the reply (MANZA is a group that supports stay-at-home expat wives and partners, like me :) “…but we’re not sure what happened to him”.

That’s how we roll

On the weekend, we almost played a game of lawn bowls with the Malaysian national team. True story. After a successful outing with The Crew™ at the Selangor Turf Club, Kelly organised an afternoon of lawn bowls at the Commonweath Games Lawn Bowls Complex. Upon first correspondence, our contact friend at the club Mr. Ramble Oxley asked Kelly “Are you playing amongst yourself or do you want me to arrange a friendly game with the National Team?” Hmmm, let’s think about that for a minute.