Fresh lettuce @ Ben’s Independent Grocer

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Fresh lettuce

A new supermarket has opened up not to far from us. Ben’s Independent Grocer is sort of a hipster corner store crossed with big business. This blog post gives a good description of it, but I’ll give it crack anyway:

It looks better than it is.
<End trans>

The best thing about it is the fresh lettuce. And by fresh I mean still growing fresh. Each lettuce sits in a tiny pot, and each pot sits in a hole in a clunky-looking but cool irrigation system. You simply pluck out the lettuce you like, pot and all, and put it in your basket.

It’s been almost a week and our little lettuce’s leaves are still super crispy.
It’s probably still growing :)

Tap the image above for a larger view of the full plant.
Note: Several leaves had been pulled off and eaten at the time of shooting.