Icon: Twitter for Mac app  v2.0

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I’ve updated my original Twitter for Mac app icons.
Here are the list of improvements (tap here for a visual comparison).

  • New icons are much cleaner and clearer at the smaller sizes
  • In the 16px and 24px sizes, the Twitter bird is replaced with the ‘t’ logo. Much more crisp and less blobby at 8px wide!
  • The dots on the ‘pro’ version are drawn better through all icons, and can be seen on the smaller sizes
  • The drop shadow behind the bird is a little stronger to help bring it forward to match the metal border
  • The twitter bird is slightly larger in the new icons
  • The grey icons have been made a little darker for better contrast against the metal bits
  • Grey and pro grey are now called black and pro black

Twitter for Mac App Icon v2 sample

Again, they’re free!

Download the icons

Free to use however you wish, just don’t resell them. Enjoy!

(If for some reason you prefer the older, less-crispy icons, you can grab them from the original Twitter for Mac icon page.)