iPhone 4S

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Three iPhone generations

After much hullabaloo, our iPhone 4Ss finally made their way to us. One week in, and our impressions of this iPhone are: fecking radstix with sauce! Compared to our 3GSs, the 4Ss are super-fast, responsiveness is ultra-non-laggy, screen is scalpelly-crisp, and Kelly has volume buttons again :)

Siri is fun to play with, but so far it (she?) works as advertised roughly 50% of the time. It supposedly takes a week or so to get to know you, and it’s in ‘beta’, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how good it’ll eventually be. It works pretty well for setting reminders and calendar events, and sending SMSs.

The camera is much better than the one found in the 3GS, but by far the best part about it is the speed. The camera app launches and is ready to shoot within a second or so. The image quality is ok for a phone. It probably won’t replace our Canon S95 when we go out with friends (or when we’re chasing sharks.)

I seem to have been dealt one of the unpopular yellow-screened iPhones, which annoyed me at first but I don’t notice it anymore (unless I place it next to Kelly’s). The screen is dimmer than Kelly’s when set at the same brightness level, which is still noticeable. I’ll pop into the Mac shop while in Oz to see what they reckon. (Cousin Marty who works there doesn’t fill me with hope for a solution/replacement, but I guess I don’t want a replacement at the beginning of my Oz trip as I’ll have no tunes to rock out to…)

By and large Kelly and I are pretty happy.

This post is not meant to be an exhaustive review (heh), rather a reason to post an image of all three iPhone generations I’ve had over the years (which I’m happy to have set up and shot seeing I really dug about in all our KL-move boxes to find my original iPhone.)

Also, if anyone wants a 3G/3GS charging dock for free, hit me up. I have two to give away.

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    You must be one happy couple now!