Print: Twelve Hundred Times CD package

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CD package for Laura‘s album Twelve Hundred Times.

Melbourne-based band Laura asked me to design their latest album package. Laura’s music varies in tone and dynamic, but is always layered and textural.

The microscopic image of volcanic ash was chosen to represent the themes on this album: “Post WW2 Poland/Europe. Determination and survival. Ash, betrayal, distrust, revenge.” The cold greyscale colour and starkness amplifies these themes.

I used a spot silver behind the ash image and for some of the text to enhance what would essentially be a black and white CD package. The images were carefully adjusted to remove all of the magenta and yellow so they didn’t warm the image in any way. Some cyan and black remained to add a cool tone and some detail in the dark areas. White highlights were left in the silver plate to give the image the full dynamic tonal range.

The silver gives the image an almost holographic feel as it reacts to light.

Check out Twelve Hundred Times by Laura on iTunes and grab a CD from Bandcamp.

  • Goog.
    Goog. Goog.

    I have seen the album posters on walls around Melbs. Your famous!

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Cool. I’ll get to see some soon.