What’s with the fugly tennis shoes?

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I’m in the market for some tennis shoes. Specific shoes that’ll keep my ankles stable and stop them twisting. I jumped online to see what’s on offer for the tasteful year of 2011…


What the hell is wrong with these shoe designers? Are they trying to produce a shoe version of Sam crossed with a double rainbow? Why does every shoe need to look like it was from a future where people didn’t have eyeballs?

– Just take it easy man.
– I’m perfectly calm Dude.
– YEAH, waving the fucking gun around!?!
– Calmer than you are.
– Will you just take it easy?
– Calmer than you are.

I realise I may not have the most universal taste in shoes (as well as other things) but still… Even my love of mid-grey shoes are mostly eye-stress free. The 2011 tennis shoes look like schizophrenic circus freaks.

So, what to do? I’m glad you asked…

I jumped onto the NikeID site, where you can customise the Nike Zoom Breathe 2k11 tennis shoes, and did just that. Here’s the result:

They are not the best-looking shoes, but they’re a hell of a lot better than what’s available in the stores. The astute amongst you will’ve noticed these are the same model as the black/white/red spider-webby Nike’s from the fugly selection at the top (top-right). I think I’ve substantially improved them. The custom NikeID shoes cost a little more, they include a shipping cost (if you’re not in the US), and take 3–4 weeks to produce, but it’s worth the hassle and extra ~$30 cost in my opinion. They’re definitely prettier than what I’m wearing at the moment :(


So I’ve placed my order, but not with Nike. Nike doesn’t ship outside the US or UK, so I’ve tracked down a supplier who’ll get them to Oz for me, MyNikeID.com.au. They’ll order your custom design and have it shipped to anywhere in Australia or New Zealand (or most places on earth apparently). I’ve been dealing with Jay who’s been super-rad and communicative, so I feel confident handing over my electronic cash. Doing it this way has a ~65% premium over the US price, but it includes shipping, taxes and a little taste for MyNikeID.

In addition to the tennis shoes above, I’ve ordered two pairs of custom Nike Mavrk 6.0 Mid 2s, in blackout and chocolate flavours (with ‘Barto’ stitched on the outers):


My main concern is whether everything can be shipped to me while I’m touring Oz. Malaysia will stick me with import tax and duty if I’d gone the safe option and had them shipped to me in KL. The last thing I want is to pay even more. There’s a three- to four-week ‘build’ time, and Jay reckons his dealings take two weeks. This puts time of delivery in the week between Christmas and New Years. A big gamble. Jay has offered to organise express shipping for me at no extra cost[1. To Malaysian service staff: this is how we do customer service in Australia. Take note.], hopefully increasing the odds.

Fingers crossed. I’ll report back on how everything pans out.

  • Janson
    Janson Janson

    Hello Bart, I was just googling mynikeid.com.au website to see what kind of traffic we are getting and i came upon your blog. I appreciate the rep here and I hope you’ll be a satisfied customer. I am in charge of shipping for mynikied.com.au and I can say your product has been shipped out and should arrive in about 6-8 business days. I’m expecting your package to arrive by the next weekend, which is sooner than you’d expected. I believe my partner Jay has been in contact with you about these shipping details and pictures. Jay and I both thank you.

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    Hey Janson.

    Yes, Jay’s been in contact with me for the entire process. I’m very happy so far. Thanks for your help.