December, 2011

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One of the best kisses I’ve ever had

In 1973, Helen was 16 and having a relationship with a girl at school, but they hadn’t come out for a whole load of reasons, most of them to do with it being 1973. “In those days, we were like outcasts, so nobody knew, it was a great secret. A few of my friends were really homophobic. We went to this New Year’s Eve party, where people were all goading each other to kiss. So we did. It was brilliant, everybody was cheering, we were pretending it was a joke.

Pre-announcement: Lego Steve Jobs

Update 27.2.2012 Thanks to @Marco’s recent tweet (hello new visitors!) I’ve had a flood of tweets and emails asking about a launch date for Lego Steve Jobs. Unfortunately I launched him in January, and he sold out pretty quickly. In all likelihood I won’t be doing another run, especially while I’m based in Malaysia (the posting was such a tedious process and there’s no possible way to semi-automate it here). Lego Steve Jobs I’ve been working on a secret project, and it’s now ready for pre-announcement.


My history with the social networks is patchy at best. I’ve been a Facebook member twice, but used it sparingly. The first time I went as my actual name (weird right?) and found it kinda ugly and a chore to use. I was interested in the technology of Facebook, but that’s about it. I decided to delete my account after receiving many friend requests from people I was barely friends with, but mainly because I rarely used Facebook at all.

Do not look at this photo!

I got my wife to take a photo of me in my tennis gear. Sounds harmless enough, but do not look! If you’ve known me at all, either for 6 months or most of my life, you will be creeped out. Here’s why: I’m wearing sunglasses My shorts are short enough that you can almost see my knees. My knees! I’m wearing a white top. A white top! I’m holding a piece of sporting equipment I have logos on my clothes (unavoidable) I’m possibly wearing the ugliest shoes on earth You’ve been warned.

The architexture of Penang

Last weekend had a public holiday attached to it in Malaysia. My birthday was on Friday so Kelly and I travelled to Penang for the weekend and the Monday-off. Penang is an island off the west coast of Malaysia, about four hours drive from Kuala Lumpur. As is always the case on long weekends, many of then locals living in the city go home to the other states to visit family and friends. The mass exodus is not without it’s negatives — we counted six accidents on the one road we took out to Penang.