Do not look at this photo!

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You cannot unsee

I got my wife to take a photo of me in my tennis gear. Sounds harmless enough, but do not look! If you’ve known me at all, either for 6 months or most of my life, you will be creeped out.
Here’s why:

  • I’m wearing sunglasses
  • My shorts are short enough that you can almost see my knees. My knees!
  • I’m wearing a white top. A white top!
  • I’m holding a piece of sporting equipment
  • I have logos on my clothes (unavoidable)
  • I’m possibly wearing the ugliest shoes on earth

You’ve been warned. If you dare, tap the image. You’ll never unsee what you’re about to see…

  • Chris Hawking
    Chris Hawking Chris Hawking

    ohhh baby

  • Barto
    Barto Barto

    You had fair warning…