Pre-announcement: Lego Steve Jobs

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Update 27.2.2012

Thanks to @Marco’s recent tweet (hello new visitors!) I’ve had a flood of tweets and emails asking about a launch date for Lego Steve Jobs. Unfortunately I launched him in January, and he sold out pretty quickly. In all likelihood I won’t be doing another run, especially while I’m based in Malaysia (the posting was such a tedious process and there’s no possible way to semi-automate it here).

Lego Steve Jobs

I’ve been working on a secret project, and it’s now ready for pre-announcement. Introducing Lego Steve Jobs, a limited-edition, not-for-profit tribute to the late Steve Jobs, in Lego! Available for purchase in early 2012.

Lego Steve Jobs pre-announcement


That’s right. I’ll be selling these for no profit[1. I might round up to the nearest 50c to make the numbers look pretty.]. I just want to get them into the hands of people who’ll appreciate it. Because it’s a limited run, I’d not make much money anyway, so why not?

Limited run?

That’s right. I’ll only have 100 available for purchase in early 2012 through this site. I haven’t finalised the cost just yet, but I predict it’ll be somewhere in the A$10 range, which includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Hopefully it’ll be a bit less :)

Early 2012?

That’s right. I’m piecing everything together as I type and I expect it all to come together in the new year. I’m heading home to Australia for two weeks over Xmas and New Year’s, but I’ll return to get Lego Steve Jobs ready in January. More information will be coming around that time.

Piecing everything together?

That’s right. I’m not just going to put a minifig into a bag and ship it off, that’s too easy. Each Lego Steve Jobs will have three heads and three Apple products to make a possible nine configurations.


That’s right. Lego Steve Jobs will come with the following:

  • one Issey Miyake black turtleneck (with hands attached)
  • one pair of Levis 501 blue jeans
  • an old-skool Lego head (for all the purists and nostalgia-ists)
  • a young and cheeky iCEO head (pictured)
  • a wiser Steve-from-more-recent-years head
  • one tidy crop of hair (for the younger Steve)

As well as the man himself, there’ll be three revolutionary Apple products:

  • iPhone — one black and one white
  • the classic click-wheel iPod
  • the original Apple Macintosh
  • (top-quality plastic stickers for each product)

Actually, with a white and a black iPhone, you can make 12 total configurations!

Top-quality plastic stickers?

That’s right. I have designed and printed teeny stickers for each of the Apple products. They’ve been professionally printed by my mates at Pyramid Labels here in Malaysia, and they’ve done a great job: full-colour with a white base on clear plastic. They look pretty cool (as evidenced above :). Each Lego Steve Jobs will get two of each sticker, just in case you mis-stick one.

I want a Lego Steve Jobs!

That’s awesome! There’ll be an announcement when Lego Steve Jobs is ready to rock. Know the moment this happens by:

  1. Keeping your browser tuned to for the announcement.
  2. Subscribing to my RSS feed. (Y’know, if you have a life)
  3. Following me on Twitter. As soon as the post goes live I’ll tweet it.
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