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It’s been a while coming, but remember Malaysian race day?
Well, this is what apparently happened afterwards. (Tap for the large version).

The drunken, mischievous cast of this photographic production, clockwise from bottom:

  • Jonathan
  • Mags
  • Tori
  • T-Jizzle
  • Kelly
  • G-Bizzle (yes, that G-Bizzle…)
  • Anna (aka Carrots, aka Mrs. Johnston, aka A-Jizzle)
  • Chrissy
  • Dr, House (aka “Claire”)
  • Anne-Marie
  • Gavin
  • Colin
  • Joel
  • Me

Thanks to — I presume — the bar staff for taking this photo, and thanks to Tori for letting me show it to the world.

(I don’t remember this photo being taken).